• Dr. N. Butler <>
    Name Dr. N. Butler
    Email: butleni@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 6-8
    Subject(s): Introduction to Digital Technology and Business and Computer Science
    Tutoring: Tuesday 7:30-8:30 by appointment

  • Dr. Butler's Welcome

    Greetings Parents,

    My name is Dr. Butler and I will be your child’s business and computer technology teacher. This is my first year teaching at Pine Hill Middle, and I am excited to have the opportunity bestow knowledge onto your child.  Although this is my second year at Pine Hill Middle, I come with 10 years of teaching experience, which include the high school and collegiate level.  I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Business Administration in Management, Masters of Science in Cyber, and a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. I come with over 15 years of business and IT knowledge and experience, in which I will be sharing with your child.  My goal is to prepare your child in becoming one of the best productive leaders of tomorrow.  My class will operate like an organization.  Each student will have the opportunity to experience various roles in the business and technology field, which includes performing as technical and businesspersons at all times in the class.  Assignments will be coupled with real-world scenarios and training.  Class will promptly begin on schedule; in which I expect each child to be prepared to work when the time clock (school bell) sound.  A rewards system for participation, critical thinking, professionalism (includes being respectful and having school supplies), attendance, vocabulary usage, and a host of other events and behaviors is in place to demonstrate how employers reward their employees’ performances.  In the near future, your child will be bringing other documents home explaining in more detail about this reward system, rules (policies, consequences, procedures, and expectations), and how to set up the online grade book system, Edmodo. Edmodo is a system in which you will have the opportunity to communicate with me, review your child’s grade and class work, see when and what assignments are due, any class work missed during a day of absence, and a copy of the classroom’s policies, consequences, procedures, and expectations.  Again, I am excited about taking this journey in the field of business and technology with your child, and I thank you for the privilege.


    Dr. Butler

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