• Avret
    Kirsten Avret
    Email: avretki@richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 9th & AP 12th
    Subject(s):  Literature

     9th Grade Remind @kinghp to 81010
    Honors 9th Grade Remind: @kinghp to 81010
    AP 12 Remind: @88h88p to 81010
    Academic Decathlon: @avret07 to 81010
    9th Grade Turnitin: Enrollment Code: 21826151    Class Key: ninth9
    12th Grade Turnitin: Enrollment Code: 21826172   Class Key: avret12
    Academci Decathlon Turnitin: Enrollment Code:22325066 Class Key: health20     
  • Hello! 

    Due to being out of school for so long part of Quarter 4 will be completed online. 

    Everyone has been enrolled in one of the two courses below in EDGENUITY, depending on your grade level:

     EDGENUITY can be found in your RCBOE Launchpad

    9th Grade Literature/Honors 9th Grade Literature: "Avret Quarter 4 GA-GSE English Language Arts 9"

    AP 12th Grade English Literature: "Avret Quarter 4 AP English Literature and Composition - LA5183" 

    Make sure to dedicate 50 Minutes each school day (Monday-Friday) to this work - it has about 9 hours of work total - if we continue to be out of school past this amount of time I will add another unit to your course load. Your time spent /grades will be graded and posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to check progress throughout our time away from school. 


    Ms. Avret



    If you DO NOT HAVE TECHNOLOGY please pick up the "Distance Learning" posted by RCBOE at school by Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 3PM (I have also stated this on our last day of class). You can also access Distance Learning and all of the assignments by clicking the link below:

    Distance Learning: https://www.rcboe.org/distancelearning

    Scroll Down to Grade 9 and click "English/Language Arts" - all assignments are listed - You can either email me pictures / proof of your work or turn it in upon return (NOTE: if you wait to turn it in upon return at school - your grades will accumulate as 0 until a time where the assignments can be turned in). 


    Thanks and hope to see you guys soon, 


    Ms. Avret


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