Mrs. Acuna  
    Elizabeth Acuna
    Email: acunael@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): Special Education teacher for First and Third Grade 
    Subject(s): All
    Room: Digital 
    Office Hours: see schedule
    Tutoring: Due to coronavirus, in person tutoring is not possible at this time,
    but please call for any assistance that you feel you need   

  • Welcome to Digitial Learning!


    Our first digital learning day is Wednesday, March 18, 2020! 

    I'm looking forward to our first digital learning day this week. I've included lots of important information here on this webpage. Please read the information carefully about procedures, expectations, ways to contact me, and ways to help your student. You can call me, email me, or text me to ask any questions that you may have. I can usually resolve all issues or questions right away.  

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  • Assignments will be posted on the page titled "Assignments"

    Office Hours: 10:00am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm (phone calls, email, or text)

    Students should complete work on the day it is assigned, so that they can watch the video lesson that goes with the assigned sheet.

    All assigned work must be turned in upon returning to school for grading purposes.

    Reading log should be completed each day after student reads (student should write in the date, parent should sign, student should write in the title of book read, or page numbers read, and then student should sign as well). 

    Choice boards will be offered for a variety of activities.



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  • call                                               email  

    762-215-4282                           acunael@richmond.k12.ga.us

    call or text                                             email

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  • 8am: Communication: Post plan on webpage, video lessons, update voicemail

    10am: Office hours: Respond to emails, phone calls, texts

    10:30am: Planning: Preparing for next days lessons

    1pm: Office hours: Respond to emails, phone calls, texts

    1:30pm: Class time: Video lessons, reading corner

    3pm: Communication: Send parents email updates

    3:30: Office hours: Respond to emails, phone calls, texts


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  • Daily Activities: Reading Corner Video, Math lesson video, Dolch site word activity and/or rhyming activity, educational games, social/emotional connection, spelling city, choice boards

    Due Dates: Due to coronavirus, it is not known when school will resume, so paper quizzes will be due upon school re-entry, other quizzes such as spelling city will be due as stated in lesson. 

    Goals: Lessons are alligned with standards and IEP goals. 

    Expectations: It is the expectation that students try to complete lessons on their own, and parents assist when student needs more help. All lessons are geared towards grade level criteria and the standards, as well as IEP goals. 

    Contact: Please use preferred methods of contact: phone, text, email (listed on contact information page).   

    Parent engagement: Parents may help by listening to student reading, reviewing math work for student understanding, and offering additional tutoring. 

    Communication support: Please contact me with any issues, and I'm sure I can help with any problems or issues in a matter of minutes. If I don't know the answer to something, I will find assistance to help as soon as possible. 

    Establishing routines: Please encourage your student to get into a routine and engage in digital learning every day. Thank you for all your help and encouragement!

    Prizes and rewards: Every student who completes each daily lesson will earn a Diamond Dollar for each day, and get to spend their Diamond Dollars at my personal Diamond Dollar Store. They can purchase things such as head phones, ear buds, snacks, drinks, toys, glow in the dark stickers, balls, jump ropes, stuffed animal friends, socks, hair bows, hair ties, tatoos (washable), nail polish, hot wheel cars, and much more! 

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  • Birthday



    Let me know in advance of your childs birthday, and I'll be happy to give them a shout out at the beginning of the day for many Happy Birthday Greetings!

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  • For digital learning, your child should only need internet access, a computer or ipad, pencils, composition notebook, and the packet I sent home. 

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  • Please give your student lots of positive encouragement! Here are some examples that are great to use!

    Giving a high five    

    Offering praise

    Giving a hug         hug


    Giving a thumbs up

    Clapping or cheering   

    Giving extra priviledges

    Giving rewards

    Telling another adult how proud you are     

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  • 1. How will my child get a grade? Work will be graded once it is turned in except for online work which is graded right away. For some work, you will be asked to take a picture of, and text it in. 

    2. What if my child doesn't understand the lesson or worksheet? There is a video lesson for every worksheet, and your student can watch it several times to better understand. If your child still has question, you can ask for further help by texting those questions to me. 

    3. Where can I get the lesson from? Each lesson will be video taped and loaded each day on my webpage, under dailly lessons. All lesson links will be attached to the daily lessons. 

    4.  How can I get help? Contact me with any problems and I will assist you in every way that I can to resolve any problems.

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