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    Parents: Please make sure your child is bringing their textbook(s) home Monday-Thursday, so that they can use them for homework. It is the responsbility of the student to take their textbook (s) home. 
    Please be advised that late homework will not be accepted unless the student provides an excused absence. -5 is deducted for each occurrence. Homework will count as 10% of each core subject's grade. Projects turned in late will have a deduction of 11 points per day. Please see the CT Walker handbook for further information.
    Students are given their weekly homework EVERY Monday in class, unless I am absent or there is no school. If I know that I'll be out, or there is a holidy, I will make sure students have their homework ahead of time. Please note that homework is to be worked on ALL week. I collect homework every Friday and it will be returned on Tuesday when folders go home. If homework is NOT completed then students will have -5 points deducted from their homework average. Homework is checked for effort and not accuracy. 
    Please make sure students work on IREADY at least 45 minutes a week at home. 
    Grade: 4
    Subject: English Language Arts & Social Studies