Parents: Please be advised that late homework will not be accepted unless the student provides an excused absence. -5 is deducted for each occurrence. Homework will count as 10% of each core subject's grade. Projects turned in late will have a deduction of 11 points per day. Please see the CT Walker handbook for further information.
    Students are given their weekly homework EVERY Monday in class, unless I am absent or there is no school. If I know that I'll be out, or there is a holiay, I will make sure students have their homework ahead of time. Please note that homework is to be worked on ALL week. I collect homework every Friday and it will be returned on Tuesday when folders go home. If homework is NOT completed then students will have -5 points deducted from their homework average. Homework is checked for effort and not accuracy. Homework is to help reinforce skills and/or standards learned in class, so its very important students take it serious. 
    Email: HorneJe@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade: 4
    Subject: English Language Arts & Social Studies