• Dear Pre-K Parents.                                             


    I am so excited to welcome your child to Pre-K and a year full of fun and learning! My name is Manon Wingate, and I look forward to teaching your child. This is my 26th year teaching (Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and second grade). I love the “little ones.”


    Just a little about me: I am married and have a 22 year old son, William.  I love to hunt, fish, cook/bake, and take pictures while spending time with my family. I graduated with my Early Childhood Education degree from Auburn University. I also have an Associate degree in Business Administration from Andrew College.


    Asheleigh Burnett is our paraprofessional. She and I will work together to be the very best for your child.


    My Goal: Parent + Teacher + Student = SUCCESS


    Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions and concerns. My cell phone number is (706) 825-6464 if you need to get in touch with me after school. A folder will come home DAILY with your child. Please take time to read any notes.  This folder will be our method of daily contact.



    It is so important for your child to come to school every day. Please make sure they are on time and have had a good night’s rest. We have an awesome NEW attendance policy this year: Every Child, Every Seat, Every Day, On Time. If your child is present every day of the week, they will be rewarded with a “surprise” on Friday.



    Our Classroom Rules

    1. We are a class family. We are kind and respectful to each other.

    2. Follow my teachers’ directions quickly.

    3. Listen when my teacher or someone else is talking.

    4. Be safe and respect our school.


    Pre-K Overview 






    Major Course Goals 

    The goal for every student in Richmond County is to meet grade-level Georgia Common Core state standards by the end of the year.  For more detailed information, please refer to www.georgiastandards.org. 


    Course Assessment Plan 

    Kindergarten students will be assessed according to the following scale: 

    M = Mastered (Student consistently demonstrates the standard without errors) 

    P = Progressing (Students show an understanding of the standard but still makes errors) 

    E = Emerging (Student shows some understanding of the standard) 

    N = Not Evident (Student does not demonstrate an understanding of the standard) 


    Classroom Expectation 

    All Richmond County students are expected to follow district, school, and classroom rules.  The Richmond County School District also employs a Positive Behavior System (PBS) which focuses on rewards for good behavior.  Our school PBS system uses Cub Cash as a reward.   


    Supplies & Materials Needed 

    There is a district suggested supply list on the Sue Reynolds website, however, some of these items are not necessary.  Please refer to the Kindergarten supply list provided by your child's teacher. 


    Homework Policy 

    Kindergarten students will have homework assignments Monday through Thursday. 


    Extra Help 

    Students failing to meet mastery of state standards will be provided extra help through the school's Response to Intervention (RTI) process.


    Popcorn Words:

    Each week we will learn 3-5 new words. These are high frequency words. (They are used a lot in reading and in regular conversations.) I will include them in my weekly newsletter. We will send home a Ziploc bag with the first set of words on index cards. Please practice them a few minutes each day with your child. KEEP THE BAG IN YOUR CHILD’S BOOKBAG, SO WE CAN ADD NEW WORDS EACH MONDAY. You will be “amazed” at how quickly your child will be able to recognize and write them.


    Our Wish List:

    We would love WET WIPE REFILLS, PACKS OF MARKERS, FOOD COLORING (basic colors and neon), PAPER PLATES AND YARN (any color).



    Reading is very important in our classroom! It needs to also be important at home. Read to your child every day to promote positive reading habits! We will read all the time in our classroom! I encourage you to ask your child to read to you family as well!


    Welcome to Kindergarten!  This year is going to be awesome!Thanks so much in advance for all of our help, cooperation, and time!


    Mrs. Manon Wingate



  • Wingate
    Kathrine "Manon" Wingate
    Email: wingaka@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): Kindergarten teacher
    Room: 205 
    Subject(s): ELA, Math, Writing, Science, Social Studies 
    Office Hours: 8:00-8:30 and 4:30-5:00 
    Tutoring (by request only): Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 (Parents must provide transportation.)