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    The Alternative Education School at Lamar

    970 Baker Avenue


    Mr. Charles Givens, PRINCIPAL


    Title I Parent Involvement

    End-of-the-Year Input/Revision Meeting

    Tuesday, April 16, 2019

    10:00 AM

    Location ( Auditorium)





    Welcome & Purpose Principal or PI Facilitator


    What is a Title I School? Principal or PI Parent Facilitator or

    District Title I Facilitator


    Parental Involvement Parent Facilitator or Designee

    * District Parent and Family Engagement Policy

    * School Parent and family Engagement Policy

    * School-Parent Compact

    * Parent Surveys

    * Budget & Funding

    * Building Staff Capacity

    * School Improvement Plan


    Group Break-out Session to gain parent/stakeholder input on the compact, policy, budget, building staff capacity, and school improvement plan.


    Parents Right to Know Principal


    School-wide Program and the School-wide Plan

    * Academic and School Goals Principal


    * Curriculum Instructional Coach or Designee


    * Testing School Counselor or Designee


    Volunteer Training and Opportunities Volunteer Trainer/PI Facilitator or

    School Social Worker


    Questions and Answers