Welcome to First Grade! What an exciting year we are going to have!
    I am so excited to get to know your child this year, and I am excited for your child to get to know me as well! 


    Facts About Your Teacher

    1. I got married in May of 2014 to my husband John. 
    2. I have 4 sisters. 
    3. I love Chick-Fil-A. 
    4. My favorite color is purple. 
    5. I love to travel- Some of the places I have traveled to are Paris, Rome, the Dominican Republic, and the Grand Canyon :)
    6. I love to read a good book at the beach. 
    7. Cats are my favorite animal. 
    8. I love watching baseball and football (Go Dawgs!)
    9. My favorite places to shop are Amazon, Target and Marshalls. 

    10. My husband and I are expecting our first baby boy in October of 2018! :)