WELCOME TO ART!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Dear Parents,

    I am Mrs. Robinson, your child’s art teacher, and I want to tell you how excited I am to teach your child during the upcoming school year. I will be guiding your child on their creative voyage this school year. I will be able to see sides of their personality that the regular classroom teacher may never see. I will witness them create solutions to problems rather than regurgitate rote answers. I will watch him or her struggle with tough concepts and we will celebrate their mastery.

                                     It will be AMAZING!!

    Your child will participate in Art for an hour a week all I ask is that they TRY new things, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and that you and your child treat Art with the same respect as any other class.

    I truly am excited for the upcoming year and I am looking forward to the creative solutions your son or daughter will share with me. As the year goes on, please feel free to stop by the art room to help or to see what we are doing at any time.


               Mrs. R. Robinson


                    Mrs. Robinson




    Let your creativity FLOW...

    "What Starts here, changes the World!"