In the event of school closing, here are some assignments that your child needs to work on and return to school.

     March 16-March 20

    Read 1 book and list the characters, setting, problem in the story, solutions in the story, what happened in the beginning, middle and end.

    Read a story and write a different ending.

    i-ready Reading and Math lessons ( 5 lessons for each)

    My own books- read and answer quiz if available

    Brainpop lessons- username: wsa    password: brainpop

    Science: draw a plant and label its parts and draw an animal and write about its skin covering, what it eats and where it lives.

    Social Studies: Name our state, capital, city and tell one thing about Augusta

    Math: write 10 addition word problems and solve then write 10 subtraction word problems and solve

              practice addition and subtraction facts

    Review sight words.

    Each student has a work packet to complete all subject review activities.


    Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


    Thank you parents, your the best!



    Mrs. Center


     **ATTENTION** Please view WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS LINK for furture updated assignments

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