Hi Parents and welcome to the 2017/2018 School Year!
    Go to the Meet the Teachers tab on your left to find more information about each of this year's STEAM teachers and learn about specifics for accessing each of our class pages and communication portals.
    Our STEAM program is in its 4th year, we will be up for FULL certification in May. We have already heard wonderful feedback about the exciting things happening in the classrooms. It is rigorous but we strive to be innovative and allow students as much flexibility, creativity, and individuality in their school day with us. We have created a community within the STEAM wing and we have been blessed with supportive parents and eager students! We are a community, by us working together students are more happy and productive. We practice a growth mindset and a personalized learning model that embraces growth through perseverance. 


    We are responsible for using the Common Core Standards in all subjects, we integrate subjects and work hard to make the lessons as fun and interesting as possible while incorporating engineering as seamlessly as possible. We try to observe each student's unique and special traits so that they are reflected in the activities.

    Grading Scale

    Assessments: 70% of the grade
    Students will be retaught and reassessed until they have met each standard. No assessment grades will be replaced though. When a child is reassessed for the same standard it will be added and averaged into the portal as well.

    STEM Information 


    Engineering Design Process 

    Links to the Georgia Standards