Mr. Chuck "Coach" Williams



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Health and Physical Education K-12 Master's Degree in Leadership

Mr. Chuck "Coach" Williams



My philosophy...


 I feel that every child is amazing,

and each has unique traits that bring them intellectual and emotional satisfaction.

My daily goal is to recognize those traits,

and help your child shine and gain confidence.

When your little one walks into our school, they figuratively become my child;

so please know that I promise to love, protect, and guide them with all my soul.

Throughout each day,

I will insist that they show great character.

If they do not, I will share advice with them to help get them on the right path.

I am an idealistic dreamer who has very high standards for every student.

These levels are difficult to reach,

but while on that journey of striving for perfection,

your child will hit incredible levels of personal growth.

As their Physical Education teacher,

my main goal is to make PE their favorite time of the day.

I will accomplish this by creating a safe, structured, and active environment,

where joy, happiness, and excitement are the main ingredients.

Welcome to Garrett Elementary.



Coach Williams