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    Welcome to my class!
    I desire to instill hope and vision within each student I meet- to demonstrate a level of genuine love and care that many students lack in order to fuel their motivational levels.


    NOTE: The Username for Edgenuity has Changed 

    Username: Lastname. FirstnameMiddleinitial@Richmond_BL

    EX: Shute.JermaineJ@Richmond_BL

    PSWD: @@@@ 



    All classes participate in DROP EVERYTHING AND READ at the beginning 1st period daily. All students should be in class by 7:20AM. 



    Ms. Atwood is currently reading

    "The Poet X" by Elizabeth Acevedo.





    MarLynda Atwood
    Grade(s): 9th-12th
    Subject: 9th Grade Literature and Composition, AP Literature and Composition

    Good, better, best.
    Never let it rest.
    Until your good is your better,
    and your better is YOUR BEST!