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Mis clases de español 2020-2021

Spanish Elementary                                                          Middle School

1st-9th weeks   My school                                                 1st-9th weeks     All about me

2nd-9th weeks  My world                                                   2nd-9th weeks   My school

3rd-9t weeks    All about me                                              3rd-9th weeks      My family

4th-9th weeks  My Community                                          4th-9th weeks      Shopping

                             í Buenos días !             í Buenas tardes !      í Buenas noches !

The students will develop basic communication skills in the target language.

The students will develp knowledge about the culture of the target language. (Spanish)

                                         Grading System

  Grades-Kinder -3rd  will be graded on the scale -High 4--1 Low

  Grades- 4th- 8th will be graded on the 100 point Grading Scale.

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                         Muchas Gracias

                                           La señora Rivera-Ramos