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     Teacher of the Year
    Tarolette Adkinson
    Academic Support Specialist
    706 796-4942 ext 2262
    Glenn Hills Elementary School   
    Our Mission Statement 
    The mission of Glenn Hills Elementary School is to create a world-class school where students
    can flourish academically while developing character traits that will prepare them to become lifelong learners.
    Our Vision Statement 
     Glenn Hills Elementary School will educate all students at his or her maximum potential to ensure
    that they are self-sufficient, responsible, cooperative and caring members of society. 

  • Instructional Strategies


  • When instructional strategies are tied to the needs and interests of students, learning is enhanced.  Instructional strategies should be directly tied to the curriculum, desired student outcomes, and classroom assessments.

    Classroom Instructional Strategies

    *Review/Check for prior knowledge
    *Direct instruction
    *Guided practice
    *Independent practice
    *Oral drill and practice (as necessary)
    Provide information
         (in a variety of forms)
    Model desired skills and outcomes
         (in a variety of ways)
    Provide examples to help
         transfer learning
    Integreate topics and concepts
         (from a variety of angles)
    Link new information and/or skills to
         prior knowledge (build background)
    Check for understanding/Question
    Re-teach (if necessary)
         (Did we meet the objectives?)
    Discussion to deeper understanding

    Group/Individual Instruction
    Large/Small Group Instruction
    Cooperative Learning
    Critical Thinking
    Creative Thinking
    Compare and contrast activities
    Critiquing activities
    Reflective activities
    Technology tools
    Use graphic organizers
    (maps, charts, illustrations)
    Model by "thinking aloud" the process
    Provide "wait time"
    Use questioning strategies that 
    require learners to go deeper
    Make objectives/targets explicit
    Student self-assess (self-monitor)
    Peer assess
    Focus attention on the strategy used
    Provide extensions/elaboration