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    Welcome to Ms. McDowell's Class!
         Ms. McDowell will be teaching 3rd grade math and social studies.  Students will change classes and go to Mrs. King for language arts and science.  
         Students will use the foundation skills learned in previous grades and build upon those skills.  In addition, students will have lots of NEW learning!  In third grade math we learn multiplication and division, rounding, fractions as numbers, and equivalent fractions.  In social studies students will learn about famous explorers of America, Native American tribes, economics, local, state, and national government levels and responsibilities, democracy,  geography and map concepts, and ideas of citizenship. Students will really have to begin studying for tests in all of their subjects.  Mrs. King and I will be using interactive notebooks.  These notebooks will be valuable study guides for tests.  Students are expected to participate fully by working cooperatively in small and whole groups, completing class and homework assignments, studying for tests, interacting in class discussions, and demonstrating achievement of standards on tests.  In third grade Mrs. King and I expect students not just to memorize but to be able to demonstrate their understanding by explaining their thinking and reasoning.  With your support, we look forward to a productive and exciting year of learning with our kids!
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  • Ms. McDowell
    Kim McDowell
    Third Grade
    Math and Social Studies