•  Welcome to 2nd Semester 2021 Students and Parents:


    Hello Everyone,

    The power of words can take you quite far in life; they give you the ability to expand your thoughts and understanding of the world you live in and your connection to it. As we all know, our world is everchanging and in order for us to bloom to our fullest potential, we have to be prepared.  This is so because words have a direct connection to literacy (mastery of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills) AND via a new digital platform, Scholars/Learners now have the ability to become successful in our present and future global society.


    Let's make 2021 stronger than ever......"Walk Like a Panther!"




    The link below is the contact information for all eighth-grade teachers and the expectations for your core classes you should have got when you picked up your work at the school. Please, reach out when you don't understand something - don't just ignore it and skip through it. Ask questions so I/we can help you. 





  • Delphinia Elliott, PHMS 


    8th Grade Language Arts


    Classroom: #423




    Phone: 706-592-3730



    Class Name  8th Grade ELA-Team 8A

    Class Code  @aabkf8


    Dojo:  TBA