• Welcome to a World of Reading and Writing! 

    Reading is fundamental  

     New Information: During this time we will be doing Distant Learning.  It is important to sign up for Remind App for any updates about assignments.

    Childs Homeroom: @vchilds1     

    Rosado's Homeroom: @vchilds 4

    You may also do this by text: text 81010 to vchilds1

    Text 81010 to vchilds4

    ⇐ Langauge Arts: You received a reading packet.  Also located under Distant Learning Materials

    • Please read at least 2 chapters per week. 
    • Continue to work on the questions that goes with that chapter. 
    • The whole packet is due whenever you return.   
    • Our first mini quiz on the book will be next Friday March 27. 
    • Writing will be incorporated also.
    • All of this will be on Microsoft Office- Teams.
    • The qustions will be based on the classwork packet and is only 10 questions on chapters 1-4. 

      ELA Video Conferences Directions

    • Select the Distant Learning Dates & Times Tab on this webpage
    • Click on the Calendar Date
    • Click on the information shown in the calendar date to see the name list and details
    • Find your name in the group
    • Follow directions by clicking on the link and putting in the code.
    • Bring Reading Worksheets to the Video Conferences

    Social Studies: All Social Studies Distant Learning is on USA Test Prep due  April 3, 2020



    Mrs. V. Smalls-Childs
    Subject(s):Language Arts & Social Studies