• ELA/Writing Welcome, to 5th grade ELA! I am thankful for the opportunity to teach your child.  If you do not find what you are looking for on this page, I have a web page TaughtByTau that the children are familiar with using daily.  On this site, you can see exactly what we are talking about and learning each day.  You can also watch the teaching videos I use, the homework, and find the vocabulary words for the week.  TaughtByTau.com
    The mission of Glenn Hills Elementary School is to create a world-class school where students can flourish academically while developing character traits that will prepare them to become lifelong learners.
    Glenn Hills Elementary School will educate all students at his or her maximum potential to ensure that they are self-sufficient, responsible, cooperative and caring members of society.
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    Grade(s): 5th
    Subject(s):  English Language Arts
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