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    Lashantel Pinckney 
    Phone: 706.771-2881
    Email: veasela@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

  •  I have served passionately for the past 16 years in varying capacities in the Richmond County School System. It is in these varying roles that I developed the belief that when our students know that we as educators are immersed in their world and setting consistent standards and expectations of high growth for both them as well as ourselves, they take their studies more seriously and it is at this point, teaching ceases to be a job done by force, and turns into an inspiration for students. I have had the opportunity to serve in a number of roles ranging from elementary educator to instructional support specialist with much in between. I've had the honor of serving as the Assistant Principal here at Diamond Lakes Elementary for the past four years and am super excited to serve as the lead GEM and Principal of this amazing school!