• Students,

         I am a little concerned with the grades that I am receiving. Let's talk. What's going on? Are the assignments to hard? Hit me up on remind and let me know what's going on.


    Due to the enormous amount of complaints that I have receiveed from students, and the extreme stress that online assignments are causing parents, I have decided to assign the book, Of Mice and men.

    I will put the first few pages back on my page by Monday.:) 

    You DO NOT have to buy the book!

    We will read one chapter a week, and I will assign the chapter questions on Fridays.

    - The new assignments have been posted on the calendar.

    - The replacement test will be posted after Spring Break.

    - The replacement test score will replace all missing asignments so what ever you make that grade will be the grade for all missing asignments. I know no other way and this will be my last attempt to help you with your grades.