Student Orientation has been rescheduled for Friday, August 4th, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.



    The Early College is a partnership between Augusta University and Lucy C. Laney High School.  The Early College offers rigorous instruction and accelerated courses with an opportunity to attend Augusta University while simultaneously earning a high school diploma.  Early College students are able to complete upwards of sixty credit hours toward their college education during what would normally be their high school years.




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    Advantages to EARLY COLLEGE

    • Accessibility for a wide range of students to receive up to 60 college credits or 2 years of college
    • Prepare for college with early experience in undergraduate stuies on a college campus
    • Money Savings. Average student loan debt is $37,172 for college graduates of 2016. With two years of college student loan costs can be cut in half or eliminated through scholarship, work-study, etc.
    • A multi-year study shows that nearly 25% of graduates from early-college earned a college degree compared to 5% of their peers in regular high schools


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