• Teachers,

    Here, you will find several documents in which will assist you in creating lesson plans. Should you have any questions, please see your grade chair, Mrs. James, or Mrs. Pinckney.


    Small Group Lesson Planning Sheet:

    Please make multiple copies of this document where you will create your small group instruction plans using the Benchmark materials. Be sure to include students' names, their individual Lexile levels, and the title of the book targeted to the students' Lexile levels. This will be turned in as the Reading lesson plans.

    Language Standards and Planner:

    Use this sheet to write the standard number and the website that is targeting the standard that students will be using in the computer station. This can be turned in with the Reading lesson plans as well.

    Performance Task Analysis:

    Use this to break apart the final performance task into mini-lessons to build students up to the performance task.