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    We will be doing reviews from here on out. Please look for videos on concepts that we have covered this school year. I will send them via Remind and post them here. 

    9th, 10th and 11th graders continue to work through iReady. 12th graders continue to work through your  Edgenuity. Take your time. This is not a race. 

    During this time of Distance Learning due to school shutdowns:

    1) Students and parents can contact me at the remind links below between the hours of 8 and pm Monday through Friday and I will respond as soon as possible.


    2) Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry students will be required to work for at least 60 minutes on their Math iReady per week. Instructions on how to sign in to iReady are below. iReady will count as their classwork grade.


    AMDM students will be working in Edgenuity on Finances. 


    3) Students will also be working on their packet work.  I will be sending out Remind messages with the videos that correlate to the page we will be working on that day. They  can use remind or email pictures of their work to me via remind or my email address BRYANSA@BOE.RICHMOND.K12.GA.US


    4) I will be monitoring daily progress and putting in at least 2 grades per week as required based off of their work completed.  


    5) I will also be available via Google Duo for video chats as needed. Please make an appointment before calling. 


    NO Tutoring until further notice of course.


    Each Algebra I, II and Geometry student will login to their launch pad using their personal computer login info. They will then click on the iReady app and then click math. 


    Remind 101 Links can be found below. Please if you haven't already joined, select the link for the class period your child will attend. 

    Demos.com can be used as a graphing calculator when needed. 
    Student Links for Remind:
    Algebra 1
    Algebra I   

    Algebra II 
    1st Period Click Here
    6th Period: Click Here