Welcome to 5th Grade Science!!!

    My name is Sarenia Johnson. I am married with 2 sons and 1 daughter. I also have one cat and dog. My hobbies include watching dramas and comedies, spending time with family, gardening, and reading informative texts! In the classroom, I plan to motivate students to become lifelong learners in the field of Science. We will cover topics on Life, Physical, and Earth Science. We will also conduct appropriate activities to demonstrate the subjects. Students will also be assigned homework, and projects throughout the year to develop what we have learned. Science



    Mrs. Johnson

    Email: johnssa1@BOE.richmond.k12.ga.us

    Subject: Science

    Grade: 5th

    Phone: (706) 823-6928




    Create a 3D Model of both the Animal and/or Plant Cell using household or store bought materials. Be sure to label these Organelles: Cell Wall, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Chloroplast, Mitochondria, and Nucleus. Also a write a brief description of each one on a separate page. 


    Cell Model Rubric


    Research Pictures of 3 Types of Vascular and/or Non-Vascular plants on the web. Be sure to explain why these plants are Vascular or Non-Vascular. 


    Water Week Contest

     (Augusta Utilities)


    All are due by April 18, 2019



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