• Hornsby Way

    Mr. James Walls

    Email: wallsja@BOE.Richmond.K12.GA.US

    Subject: ELA/Support

    Grade: 6th



  • “Lets Have A Great Day”


    Classroom Rules

    1. Come in and have a seat.
    2. Do not get out of your seat unless Mr. Walls calls you to come here.
    3. Raise your hand if you need to say or ask Mr. Walls anything.
    4. Be quiet when another teacher or administrator is in the room or when class speaker comes on.
    5. No playing around in the classroom or in route to another class. No cell phones, spinners, or any other object that is not school related should be out.



    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Written Warning
    3. Call/Text to Guardian
    4. Morning/Afternoon Detention
    5. Write up
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