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    ELA & Social Studies-Grade 7
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  • Welcome to 7th Grade!!

      Hephzibah Middle School  



    Welcome to Hephzibah Middle School 7th grade Distance Learning!!!  First I would like to thank all parents for investing in your child's education through distance learning.  My students will be completing a combination of online learning and lessons from their work packets.  Please refer to my assignments page weekly for updated weekly lessons that are to be completed. 


    Students please DO NOT complete the work packet in one day or one week.  The assignments are not busy work.  The assignments take time to work through to engage student learning. 

    If students do not have a work packet, they are responsible for completing all online learning assignments via Khan Academy.  www.rcboe.org/distancelearning scroll down and click on English Language Arts and follow the directions for weekly assignments. 

    If students do not have the work packet nor access to online learning, students are responsible for 1. Daily reading 30-40 minutes- a book, newspaper article, or magazine of choice.   2.  Writing a report or summary of the daily reading  3.  Defining unknown vocabulary words from the reading material.  


    All of my social studies students will be completing online assignments from Georgia Virtual Learning Social Studies-please refer to the resource icon on my webpage for the Georgia Virtual Learning website and the Social Studies assignment for this week has already been posted on the resource page.  If students do not have access to online, students are to watch the news daily and write a daily summary of the current event.  Students who are completing daily news assignments will also be responsible for completing a current events project.  Mrs. James will provide more detailed information for the current events project via the resource page on 3/27/2020.  


    New generation changing the world!!  Bigger, Better, and Brighter!!  Thank you so much for visiting my webpage.    



    Mrs. James

    Hephzibah Middle School

    7th Grade- ELA & Social Studies

    (706) 592-4534