Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Veronica Faust-Wimberly

Welcome to the Hephzibah Comprehensive High School!

Richmond County School System-Title I School!


I am Extremely Excited about my New Role!

"Family Services Facilitator"

 2021-2022 School Term"


I look forward to working along side the parents of HHS!

Listed below, are a few of the goals that I will be focusing on for this year!

• Create a setting of Engagement.

• Food Pantry

• Clothes Closet

• Student Volunteer Opportunities

• Adult Continuing Education Programs-GED Opportunities

• Social Services Information to assist with Family

• Assist with setting up and navigating the RCSS Parent Tools

For example: Parent Portal, CANVAS, Inifnite Campus, etc.

• Explore Process Improvement Ideas 


These are just a few ideas that I have! I am open to hearing from you!

Here's to working together "Family & School-Building a Strong Alliance"!


A Big SHOUT-OUT to our Faculty and Staff!

"I have to witnessed your hard work and deditication first-hand" 


 Please let me know if my assistance is needed at anytime!

"Team Work-Makes-Dream-Work"



  • Veronica Faust-Wimberly

    Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    Title 1 Family Services Facilitator

    Hephzibah Comprehensive High School

    Phone: 706-592-2089

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