Social Science Department Contacts

  • Mrs. Crystal J. Crawford
    Mrs. Crystal J. Crawford
    Social Studies Department Chair
    Economics, Business & Financial Literacy Teacher 
    Phone: 762.436.6454

    Mrs. April Demsko-Dawson
    World History, American Government and Georgia Studies Teacher
    Phone: 706.823.5580

    Mrs. Yushever N. Jones (Walton)
    US History, Pyschology/Sociology & 7th Grade Teacher
    Phone: 706.823.5580

    Ms. Tyler
    Ms. Ansley Tyler
    Middle School Social Studies Teacher
    Phone:  706.823.5580

Need Help?

  • The Social Studies Department offers a wide variety of Tutoring/Intervention/Remediation options to assist your student in developing his/her skills and achieving the level of content mastery in his/her respective courses.



    Is available each Wednesday after school from 3:15-3:45 or by appointment with your student's teacher.  Please contact your student's teacher using the information provided on our teacher class pages.



    Student-Teacher Conferencing, Self-Reflection, Assessment FOR Learning, Progress Monitoring, and Data Analysis are conducted on a standard/unit basis in each teacher's course.  Students maintain Data Folders and document their progress towards mastery.  Additionally, teachers work with students to develop strategic plans and goals for success and improvement in their area(s) of weakness.



    Remediation is NOT make-up work or extra credit assignments.  Remediation is designed and assigned on an as-needed basis to provide your student with additional instructional teaching methods, techniques, resources, practice, and real-world application of concepts learned in the classroom that he/she has yet to show mastery.  Social Studies Teachers at RCTCM provide all students with a "Resources" section on their teacher class pages and/or online course platforms that assists students in accessing their remediation materials.