Mrs. Glass Homeroom Supplies




    Third Grade School Supply List

    • 2 marble composition notebooks (wide ruled)
    • 3 packages of post-its (3x3 please)
    • 2 reams of copy paper
    • 2 packages of wide ruled paper
    • 1 2” binder with dividers for content areas (5)
    • 1 pencil box that will go back and forth from home to school for homework and classwork purposes

    Inside the pencil box should be:

    • #2 pencils, at least 5, sharpened at all times
    • 2 glue sticks
    • Blunt pair of scissors
    • 2 different color Highlighters
    • Box of crayons
    • Handheld sharpener

    (I advise buying extra supplies for pencil box now when they are on sale as you will need to replenish often throughout the year.)


    • Boys only: a box of 1-gallon zip lock bags, 1 pack of antibacterial hand wipes, 2 bottles hand sanitizer
    • Girls only: a box of 1-quart zip lock bags, 1 pack of antibacterial cleaning wipes, 2 bottles hand sanitizer


    Additional Notes:

    Please note that the Ziploc bags, wipes, and hand sanitizer will be collected and dispersed as needed for classroom use throughout the school year.