• SS Classwork

    Edgenuity - They have us working on Australia, not Canada. I will not be using this.

    USA Test Prep -   I have created one section per week.This week will be Environmental Issues in Canada.  Once standards check is completed, take the test. You will only have 2 attempts, so make sure you have completed the classwork before attempting to take the test. This grade is summative and due by noon on Fridays. I will check on Friday afternoon.

    Steps:  Launchpad.org-->USA Test Prep icon-->6th grade tab at top-->Social Studies-->under Latin America and Canada choose 12. SS6G6 Environmental Issues in Canada--> watch videos, do vocabulary, etc. 

    ReadWorks - ReadWorks.org Read 1 article per week and answer attached questions. This week is an article on the Great Lakes. This grade is formative and is due on Friday by noon. I will check on Friday afternoon.

    Team page - Any questions that you might have, look there first. Someone may have already asked your question. If it is something others might need to know, ask your question there so others can see what answer you get. If it is a private question, you can email me.


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