• December 4th- Demember 21st 


    Students will review the season and weather

    I can describe the weather.

    I can describe the appropriate clothing to be used according to the season.


    Students will begin learning rooms and objects in the house "La casa"

    Students will begin learning about the journeys of Don Quijote


    MLE2.P2 Students demonstrate writing skills in the target language. Students:
    B. label pictures and write short lists of words.
    Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products
    MLE2.CU1 Students demonstrate an awareness of perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures where the target language is spoken. Students:
    A. demonstrate knowledge of typical practices and products of target cultures, i.e., how birthdays are celebrated, piñatas, first day of school traditions, etc.
    Connections, Comparisons, and Communities
    MLE2.CCC1 Students make links between the target language and other subjects. Students:
    A. connect skills learned in the target language with other subjects.
    B. connect skills learned in other subjects with skills learned in the target language.
    MLE2.CCC2 Students demonstrate an understanding of the significance of culture through comparisons between the cultures studied and their own. Students:
    A. identify age-appropriate patterns of cultural behavior and interaction.
    B. compare cultural products, practices and perspectives.