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Bridging the Gap Initiative

This initiative coincides with our goal to bring the community together. This year, we have decided to host activities for people other than just our schools  students. Students are who we are supporting, but how can we do this without the help of our community members. We have hosted events and invited our feeder schools and the community we live in to attend and/or participate in order to accomplish various goals. 


We want to:

  • Communicate with our parents (our schools host the same families)
  • Give our elementary students something to look forward to as they progress to each school level
  • Bring our faculties and staff members closer together
  • Model a warm climate and culture for our community 
  • Increase parent participation year-to-year/ school-to-school with the hope that it continues for their childs entire K-12 career
  • ...and more

We have decided to use an all-time favorite theme for this and that is "Bridging the Gap." Parent participation tends to decline once students begin middle school and our desire is to continue and build capacity for parental and community involvement!  Parental involvement is an absolute need for our students and administration, faculty, and staff welcomes it. We want to start a tradition of being a "Family" in Area 1 District 7 to ultimately bring about positive changes for our students and open opportunities through the foundation of education and community.