Geometry/Algebra 2 21-2 permutations and probability

Posted by Jamie Baxley on 3/19/2020 9:35:00 AM

21.2 Permutations and Probability

Here are the notes for this! Also if you have the calculator software downloaded or you have your calculator, depending on the one you have it will have a key for it.  If not and you use the calculator software, look at the directions below and look at the screen captures:


On the TI-84, press the "math" key which is underneath the green Alpha key.  

using the arrows on the right, scroll to the right to PROB, scroll to number 2 (has the P) and click enter

screen where you need to be

enter in the numbers and then hit enter to get your answer


You will also have a thing with a number and an exclamation point.  it looks something like this 10!.  you can do that on the calculator as well.  You will need to go to math key again, scroll to prob and go to number 4 (its the exclamation point).

Factorial !!!

factorial answer


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