Paine College UB


Paine College TRIO Upward Bound Program

ATTENTION ALL 9th & 10th Grade Students! The 2021 Paine College TRIO Upward Bound Fall Recruitment is NOW HERE! 

  • Do you want to go college?  
  • Do you want to grow and be a part of a real family?  
  • Do you want to tour different colleges inside AND outside the state of Georgia?  
  • Do you need scholarship opportunities to pay for college?  
  • Do you want to travel to different places like New York, Florida, or California for FREE?  
  • Do you want free help and tutoring with your school work?  
  • Do you want to earn a monthly $100 stipend?

If you answered yes to these questions, then TRIO UPWARD BOUND IS FOR YOU! TRIO Upward Bound is the best program in the world for students who want to go to college and become the best person that you can be NOW.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Paine College TRIO Upward Bound Family, ask your AMAZING school counselors for more information, or check us out on Facebook at Paine College Upward Bound or Instagram at pcubtrio. Deadline to apply is November 4th!