AP Language and Composition, 9th Grade Literature and Composition, Theatre Arts

Welcome to Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. I am excited that we will examine the voices of our American authors while sharpening our skills to improve our academic language and composition. Through our skills of analyzing, interpreting, and responding, we will be succesful throughout and at the end of the school. College credit is claimed Welcome to Hephzibah High School!

Aside from teaching AP Lang, I will have the opportunity to teach my "fresh as a flower" freshmen. As freshmen you will have the opportunity to lay the foundation that will prepare you for your successful future and career while in high school. Writing-composition is one of the major components of 9th Grade Literature, both written and oral work are prevalent in this class. Welcome to 9th Grade Lit, where "Everyday we're Lit" at Hephzibah High!"  

Theatre Arts is a study of all literature and is interpreted for many people to see in a variety of ways. A few perfromances in our class are: one act plays, monologues, and spoken word. While we focus on the "arts" we find ways to depicts our thoughts, feelings, and opinions via performances. Welcome to Hephzibah High Theatre Arts! Let your light shine!