About Me

About Me and Welcome


Welcome to my page! I am excited to begin my journey here at Hephzibah High. Although this is my first year at HHS, this will be my 16th year in the education field. I am a true Augusta native as I have only been away from the city during my college years. Those years were spent in Statesboro, GA where I attended and graduated from Georgia Southern University.



I adopted a philosophy a few years back after the feedback given to me from then, current students. They would always tell me about how horrible they had been in math and usually started the year with that typical line of "math ain't my favorite subject" or "I ain't never been good at math." By the end of the school year, I usually had them singing a different tune. From that my philosophy is that everyone can achieve greatness in math regardless of their past experiences. Your mindset and determination to succeed will either help or hinder your progress. I look forward to working with each of my students to assist them in their mathematical growth.