Optional Work


Download the attached files.

  • Print the Period One outline, fill in the outline from the Period One slides.
  • Read the article "Who Was Columbus?" and create a list of Ten "Takeaways" after reading. Meaning - what are some of the major points and realizations you observed about Columbus after reading?
  • Read and follow the directions of the primary source analysis: Two Spanish Priests
  • Find a map of Native American societies in North America or use the one attached. Complete the Native American Case Study. 
  • Or they can use the map on on Slide 14 from the Period One slides file. 

IB HOA Native American Case Study
IB HOA Period One 1491 to 1607
IB HOA Period One Outline
IB HOA Two Spanish Priests Reading
IB HOA Who Was Columbus


Kahn Academy Biology suggested units: Cells; Energy & Transport 


AP Bio
Kahn Academy suggested AP Biology units: Chemistry of Life; Cell Structure and Function 


AP Chemistry
Kahn Academy AP Chemistry suggested units: Acids & Bases; Periodic Table 


AP Physics
Kahn Academy AP Physics suggested unit: One Dimensional Motion 


IB BIO Year 1
BioNinja Standard Level Topics 1 & 2   (https://ib.bioninja.com.au/welcome-to-the-bioninja/)


IB BIO Year 2
BioNinja Standard Level Review Topics 1 - 5 (https://ib.bioninja.com.au/welcome-to-the-bioninja/); Reading Journal - IA Topic on Kognity 


IB Physics Year 1
Kahn Academy AP Physics suggested unit: One Dimensional Motion 


IB Physcis Year 2
View the IA Topic on Kognity. Begin Section 1 of the Brainstorming Document from Mr. Hearn (attached). Email Mr. Hearn with questions. 

Hearn's Brainstorming DOC
Hearn's Brainstorming PDF


IB ESS Year 1 & 2
Find 3 current journal articles about environmental impacts (local, national, or global) and summarize the key points. Then write 3 - 5 questions or suggestions in response to the article 


Honors Algebra II

Go to the Flipped Math website and click on Algebra I (Common Core). Download the packet, watch the video & take notes, and practice the sections below. These are topics that should have been taught in Algebra I, but not everyone finished due to COVID. Answer keys are also posted online so students and parents can review their work.

10.1 Intro to Quadratics

9.4 Finding Zeros (Roots)

11.2 Solving Quadratics using Square Roots

11.4 Completing the Square

11.3 Quadratic Formula


Honors Geometry
Kahn Academy Link
Scroll down to "Constructing Lines and Angles." Please watch all 6 videos. Constructions have been removed from this year's curriculum due to time constraints. You do not need to purchase a compass/protractor set. 


Honors 9th Grade Lit
Read the book "Warriors Don't Cry" by Melba Patillo Beals


AP Lang
How to Read Like a Writer
Read the article and questions. 


TOK Year 1
Pick 2 or more articles about "Mail-in Voting" that represent different viewpoints. The students will compare and contrast the articles and discuss "What are the responsibilities of media outlets in transferring knowledge and how do we know who to trust?"    **Students may choose another topic if desired. 2 page double-spaced maximum with sources properly cited.


PPS Year 1
See Canvas page. Do the home page and print out syllabus. Do the modules of PPS Binder and Module 0.