Teacher: Ms. Stephanie Garrett

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9th Grade Literature 

TW Josey High School Ms. Stephanie Garrett 

2021-2022 School Year 

Course Overview: 

  • This English Language arts course will include writing practices, vocabulary development, reading comprehension and communication skills. All activities, lessons and practices will be aimed toward preparing the student for post-graduation life (workforce, college, etc.). 

Student Expectations: 

  • Respect your classmates 
  • Remaining silent during instruction and peer presentations 
  • Being kind and encouraging 
  • Participating during group work activities 
  • Respect your teacher(s) 
  • Listen when they talk 
  • Arrive to class on time prepared to learn 
  • Begin working on the bell ringer as soon as you get to class 
  • Respect yourself 
  • Do your best on each activity 
  • Complete work on time 
  • Aim for success in everything you do 

Teacher Expectations: 

  • As your teacher, I will respect you and provide you with a safe space to learn. I will provide you with instruction and activities that will prepare you for your life after graduation. To the best of my ability, I will never assign anything or teach anything that will waste your time or mine. 

Unit Map: 

  • Unit 1 
  • Central Ideas 
  • Unit 2 
  • Development of Characters/Ideas 
  • Unit 3 
  • Author’s Choices 
  • Unit 4 
  • Development of Characters/Ideas 
  • Unit 5 
  • Point of View 
  • Unit 6 
  • Text Analysis 

Grading Policy: 

  • ASSESSMENTS -- 45% 
  • CLASSWORK -- 55%

Materials Needed: 

  • You are expected to bring each of these items to class everyday: 
  • Pencil/Black or Blue Pen 
  • Composition Notebook 
  • Fully Charged Computer (once the school has given you one) 
  • Face Mask (as needed) 


  • You are expected to follow the student code of conduct in your handbook. 

Below are the steps I will follow with each infraction: 

  • 1. Verbal Warning 
  • 2. Second Warning or ISD 
  • 3. Parent Phone Call 
  • 4. Office Referral (with recommendation of ISS or OSS with parent conference) 
  • Fighting, vandalism, open defiance, profanity or disruption will result in an immediate office referral with suspension recommended. 

Late Work: 

  • If an assignment is turned in after its due date, the assignments grade will be deducted 10% each day it is late. 
  • Example: if an assignment is turned 1 day late and it was given a 90, I will take off 10% of 90 (minus 9 points) and your final grade will be an 81. If you turn it in 2 months late, I will only take off 40% (minus 36) and your final grade will be a 54. 

Re-Do Assignments: 

  • If you are unsatisfied with a grade you received on an assignment, you can schedule a conference with me and you will have 1 week after said conference to complete the assignment. I will then average the two grades and that will be your final grade. Once a grading period has passed (nine weeks), you will no longer be able to re-do an assignment as I will not be able to change your grade. 
  • Example: if, on your first try, you make a 60 on an assignment and, on your second try, you make an 80, your final grade will be a 70. 

Make-up Work: 

  • It is your responsibility to obtain and complete make-up if you are absent. You will have the same amount of days you were absent to complete make-up work. 
  • Example: if you are absent for 2 days, you will have 2 days to complete any make-up work.