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Welcome the 2021-22 School Year
















Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year at LFH


Look Beyond What's in Front of You

              Look and See Behind the Mask

                            Accept Things That are Different

                          Look Beyond what's is in Front of You


OpenHouse Information 2020-2021

Location: Lake Forest Hills Cafeteria

When: August 31st, 2020 

Time: 2:30-3:00pm


 Virtual Open House



Health & Wellness PPT



COVID 19 Protocols/Information




Classroom School List 2020-2021 School Year

1. Mask   

2. Bookbag    

3. 2 Bottles Elmers Glue 

 4. 1 pack of glue sticks 

5. 1 pack of Index cards

6. 1 pack of crayons(8)    

7. 1 pack of markers(8) 

8.  Preferred Snacks  

9. 1 - 3 prong folder with pockets

10. Change of clothes(socks, underwear, pants, & shirt)

11. Disenfectant Wipes 

12. Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

13. Diapers/Pull-ups(If your child wears diapers/pull-ups)



                       Daily Schedule

                                                Daily Schedule


Distance Learning at Home


Having Fun with Distance Learning  

*Busy Busy Learning at Home*