Welcome to DFA 6th Grade 2020-21


DFA #WEGIVEASHIRT CAMPAIGN:  DFA T-shirts have been revealed just today and are available for sale for 7 days only!  The shirt is a vintage style by alum and artist extraordinaire Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman.  The design is perfect for the entire DFA family--current and alum.  All proceeds go to the PTO to be used for our school programs, students, faculty and other needs not able to be met by the School System budget.  LET'S  KEEP THOSE ORDERS COMING NOW THROUGH 6/23!!!


To order your shirt (or three), go to the following link, and let's show DFA that we've got its back!  (We got you covered, DFA!)  https://wegiveashirt.showpony.co/shop/davidson-fine-arts-magnet-school/