NLE essential vocab set #2

Essential NLE Vocab List 2


  1. Animus, ī- 2nd declension masculine- mind
  2. Deus, ī; dea, deae - god/ goddess
  3. Terra, ae- 1st declension fem- land/ earth
  4. Pater, patris- 3rd declension masc.- father, ancestor
  5. Corpus, corporis- 3rd declension neuter- body
  6. Urbs, urbis- 3rd declension feminine- city
  7. Bellum, ī- 2nd declension neuter- war
  8. Vīta, ae- 1st declension feminine- life
  9. Tempus, temporis- 3rd declension neuter- time
  10. Mors, mortis- 3rd declension feminine- death


  1. Sum, esse, fuī, futurus- to be; to exist
  2. Possum, posses, potuī- to be able
  3. Dō, dare, dēdī, datus- to give
  4. Faciō, facere, fēcī, factum- to do; to make
  5. Habeō, habēre, habuī, habitus- to have; to hold
  6. Ferō, ferre, tulī, lātum- to bring; to carry
  7. Veniō, venīre, vēnī, ventus- to come
  8. Volō, velle, voluī- to want to wish- vult he/ she wishes- vīs- you want/ wish
  9. agō, agere, ēgī, actus- to do; to drive
  10. petō, petere, petīvī, petītum- to seek


  1. magnus, ī- big; great
  2. iam- already; now
  3. atque- and; also
  4. alius, a, um- other, another
  5. tuus, a, um- your
  6. nullus, a, um- not any, no one
  7. nunc- now
  8. tum/ tunc- then
  9. enim- for indeed
  10. nam/ namque- for, indeed, really