Moving Right Along

We have covered a lot of curriculum thus far. Please make sure you are looking at your chid's "Conduct Sheet" if they are in the fourth grade for homework or the Remind App (4th Grade and 5th Grade Math).  If your child is in the 5th Grade, please check their agendas for homework information, Class Do Jo, and Remind (5th Grade Math).  

If you have not joined Remind for 4th grade or 5th grade math, please let the teachers know so you can receive critical information from them. If you have not joined Class Do Jo (5th Grade), please let the teachers know as well.


Please use the IReady Reading and Math programs at night to help you child learn the skills they are lacking. It if FREE and a county reirement.  

I am available for tutoring from 7:00-7:20 on Tuesday mornings.  Prior arrangments will need to be made with me, pending availability of a spot.    Your child would need to eat breakfast before coming for tutoring from me.  Our general education classes start promptly at 7:30. 


Thank You,

Ms. Hooks

Special Education Teacher