Welcome to MUZART!!!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Academic School Year. I’m glad that you all are back and I hope you are ready for the new and exciting things  that are happening at Deer Chase!

This year we are starting something new!!! It's called "MUZART." In my class this year, I will be infusing both music and visual arts into my classes.  It is my goal this year to make an IMPACT in the lives of each student that enters my room.  I will be INNOVATIVE in my teaching styles.  I will be MOTIVATING to my students and not discouraging.  I will be PASSIONATE about my content and delivery.  I will be AFFECTIONATE to the needs of my students.  I will be  CONSISTENT with student procedures and discipline, and I will build TRUST through my relationships with the students.

This  Elementary music curriculum consists of Ten Goals:


  • Students will sing appropriately with head voice.
  • Students will perform on pitched and non-pitched instruments.
  • Students will read and notate music.
  • Students will improvise melodies.
  • Students will compose melodies.
  • Students will listen and describe music.
  • Students will evaluate music performances.
  • Students will understand relationships between music and other areas.
  • Students will understand music in relation to history and culture.
  • Students will move alone or with others.


In addition to music, I will be creating art projects that will coincide with what the music standards are.  We will also discuss the elements of art, such as line, shape, space, form, texture, value, and color. 


Ms. JaVonne Jones, ED.S.

Muzart Teacher