Welcome to Mrs. R. Allen's Computer Programming . Robotics, and Engineering Class

Students you will be able to find ALL my classes and work on CANVAS! If Canvas is out...Do your Computer Science Discoveries and Express Course Code Modules in Code.org

 You can also message or call me if you cannot log on a computer/tablet. How to use your Phone in TEAMS

 Student's Do Not feel overwhelmed!!!  Work at your own pace!!! If you have a special situation and you need special accomodations, just email me or contact me through Canvas or TEAMS!!!

 Please Click on any of the following links to learn more about my class during the 2020 to 2021 school year!! 

Learning Focus

Virtual Open House Classroom

How to use Canvas: Learning Management System


Go to:  https://launchpad.classlink.com/home?setLng=en#myapps 

this gets you to your launchpad login page 

Sign into your account with the username and password given to you by your teacher. 

Once into the launchpad program... 

Click on your canvas app. Looks like this:  


and in this App, you will find all of your courses and assignments.