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Learn @ Home Jan. 14-22, 2021

Here are the links to the packet information and work that you picked up from the school:

1 Learn at Home ELA SS Class Assignments Schedule Jan 14 to 22

2 Learn at Home ELA work Jan 14 to 22

3 Learn at Home SS textbook Ch 12 Jan 14 to 22


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Learn @ Home Day 1 Video of Meeting:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Learn @ Home Day 2 Video of Meeting:


Learn @ Home Day 3 Video of Meeting:

Learn @ Home Day 4 Video of Meeting:

Learn @ Home Day 5 Video of Meeting:


Learn @ Home Day 6 Video of Meeting:



mission vision values

Our Classroom Mission Statement

As a classroom community, we will work collaboratively to ensure that everyone learns every day in an environment that is safe and respectful of people/property and challenges us to do and be our best.  

Our Classroom Vision Statement

I envision a day when all who enter our classroom feel the comfort of an environment that celebrates diversity, encourages risk-taking and fosters a love of learning in order to become globally competitive, lifelong learners who are college/career ready.

Our Classroom Values


(Once we are able to meet, we will work together to create the list of VALUES for our class.)