Q2 I-Ready Weekly Grade

For clarity of the completion window, students are to complete 60 minutes of I-Ready lessons and pass at least three from Monday to Saturday of each week.

Time will always reset each Sunday making that ground zero for the new week ahead. Each I-Ready week's tracking ends at midnight on each Saturday.

Sunday completion DOES NOT total into the prior week's digital/electronic tracker but instead is counted towards the next Monday-to-Saturday segment. 

Grading Rubric is as follows:

-100% =  60 minutes and 3 lessons passed

-90% =  60 minutes and 2 lessons passed

-80% =  60 minutes and 1 lesson passed

-60% =  60 minutes or more minutes with 0 lessons passed. 


***Note: If only 42 minutes are completed, that is only 42 points out of 100 for the week that will be entered as that week's I-Ready grade. If the student has completed 42 minutes and passed 1 lesson, then the total is 62 points out of 100. For clarity, 42 minutes + 20 points for the lesson passed).