Notebook Check Grade (Labeled at N.B.C. in Infinite Campus)

The grading rubric is as follows:


100% =  Binder, Tabs Labeled, Notes and Classwork Present

80% =  Binder Only, Notes Missing and/or Incomplete (+5 points for labeled tabs)

75% =  Deemed a "Binder of Curiosity" meaning the binder presented by the student was unorganized, a collection of loose papers, all four subjects present but as randomly loose pages or spotty (no pattern present).

70% =  All Composition and Spiral Notebooks receive a 70% out of 100 due to there being no place to place and maintain classwork worksheets each week. 

(+5) points =  tabs are labeled and present even in an organized notebook will receive +5 points to their grade.

0% =  Everything not mentioned above. For example, no math binder at all through the week provided or admittance to not having a math binder or any place where they keep track of their notes.