Hydrate the Patriots



We are starting our “Hydrate the Patriots” program in an effort to prepare for the summer and kick start our nutrition program.  We are asking for the following items to be donated and brought to the fieldhouse or to the front office of the high school.


  1. Bottled Gatorade or Powerade
  2. Powered Gatorade or Powerade
  3. Liquid Squirt Gatorade or Powerade that can be added to a water bottle
  4. Bottled Water
  5. Protein Shakes
  6. Powered Protein Mix
  7. Granola Bars
  8. Peanut Butter Crackers
  9. Jars of Peanut Butter
  10. Cliff Bars
  11. Any kind of snack items that are nutritional and beneficial for athletes in training.



Thank You,

Lee Hutto

Head Football Coach