Book of the Month

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November: Thank You, Omu! By Oge Mora

When the aroma of Omu's homemade stew fills the air, her neighbors arrive, one by one, for a taste until all is gone except for her generous spirit.

December: Seven Special Somethings By Adib Khorram

After accidentally ruining his family's "haft-seen", a display of sev​en traditional items to bring luck in the Persian New Year, young Kian finds seven unusual items to replace them.
January: Just Being Dali By Amy Guglielmo
Salvador Dali struggles to follow the rules and fit in with his peers, until one day he realizes that artists can be and do anything they like. This realization gives him the freedom to truly be himself.

February: Pigskins to Paintbrushes By Don Tate
He realized how football and art were one and the same. Both required rhythm. Both required technique. Passing, pulling, breaking down the field--that was an art. Young Ernie Barnes wasn't like other boys his age. Bullied for being shy, overweight, and uninterested in sports, he instead took refuge in his sketchbook, in vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and flowing lines. 

March: A Most Unusual Day By Sydra Malfery

Caroline is anxious all day at school, nervous about her newly-adopted sister's arrival from far away.

April: My Two Border Towns By David Bowles
A boy and his father cross the United States-Mexico border every other Saturday, visiting their favorite places, spending time with family and friends, and sharing in the responsibility of community care

May: How to Build a Hug By Amy Guglielmo and Jacqueline Tourville
The story of Temple Grandin and her invention of the "squeeze machine". Temple Grandin suffered from various sensitivities that prevented her from experiencing many things others may take for granted. Her invention helped her to overcome one of those sensitivities.