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Mission Statement

The mission of Westside High School is to provide a safe environment and caring atmosphere in which all students can and will learn while becoming respectful, productive citizens.


Purpose and Direction

Westside is committed to rigorous, high quality academic Honors and AP Curricula in addition to the Common Core Curriculum Standards as designated by the Georgia Department of Education and the Richmond County Board of Education, on-going professional development, extensive and effective use of data to improve teaching and learning, personalized college-planning and preparation, and work that supports this philosophy.


Academic Excellence can be Achieved

  • By instituting a variety of instructional approaches to accommodate differences in learning styles and degrees of aptitude.
  • By faculty members who are intrinsically motivated to promote cultural diversity and equality while helping students to attain intellectual success in a supportive learning environment.
  • By administrators and staff who ensure that all policies are enforced consistently in a safe and well-disciplined school environment.
  • By students who make education a priority and who abide by the school's rules and regulations.
  • Through support of parents who recognize the crucial role they play in the lives of their children and consequently in their children's school.
  • By community and business leaders who share in the responsibility of advancing school's mission and beliefs.


  • We will not tolerate ineffective teachers.
  • Non-mandated courses or programs will not be added unless the following criteria have been met.
  •      It survives a needs assessment
  •      It is justified by research
  •      It is provided with adequate staffing and resources
  •      It sets in place an evaluation component
  • Nothing will take place over the instructional program.
  • We will not allow individuals, groups organizations to promote interests contrary to our mission.
  • No person will be hired or promoted who is not committed to the missions and beliefs of the system.
  • We will not allow individuals, groups or organizations to interfere with the educational process of others.